Patent Number: GB256453 - 1926

This invention relates to an improved gardening implement and is intended to provide a simple and convenient weeding tool which will enable the operator to remove weeds with facility without stooping to the work.

A pointed two pronged fork is mounted on a suitable handle or shaft so as to extend at right angles to the handle and with its plane also at angles to the handle axis. The fork is preferably of steel and is forged or otherwise fashioned in one piece with a stem, which may be in the form of a pointed rod adapted to be driven into the end of a wooden or other handle, or may be made as a socket for fixing on the handle. The fork is small, usually about four or five inches in length, and the ends are preferably tapered to fairly sharp points, while the body of the fork may be of flattened, round or triangular metal as found preferable.

With a fork arranged at angles to the handle there is no difficulty in inserting the fork so that the weed is embraced between the prongs and on pulling or pushing over the handle the weed is uprooted and lifted from the ground by the fork without necessitating stooping on the part of the operator.
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