At Ramsgate September 1938
At Ramsgate September 1938


Borough of Ramsgate
Vessel Type: Steam Grab Dredger

Built: 1936 at Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Goole.
L 105'. B 27,2'. D 9.4'. 220grt. 46hp.

Yard No: 318
Official No: 162027

Acquired: 1936
Sold: 1962
Scrapped: 1972

Other Names
1962-1972 Wynyard

War Service

“Ramsgate” was used in the early part of the war to lay mines in the approach to the harbour. Firstly she laid small charges in the seabed and after these were detonated, she further excavated the area for the mines which were primed onboard before being lowered into position by her crane. After war, she then had the equally dangerous job of removing them.

She was also utilised by the Ministry of Supply as a salvage vessel during June and July 1940, when she worked on the “Harcalo” which had been bombed in the Gull Channel. Local craftsmen (possibly some from Claxton’s) removed everything above the waterline using acetylene torches. She also carried out another salvage operation for the Royal Air Force, salvaging parts from a bomber which had crashed off Ramsgate.

She carried on her normal duties throughout the war even with the added dangers of doing this in mined areas, and on occasions being machined gunned. During the war she always carried a primed charge, which would have been used to sink her in the harbour entrance to form a barrier, had there been an invasion.

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