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At Ramsgate 2015
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At Ramsgate 2015
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At Ramsgate


Owners at time of repairs
William Watkins Ltd.
(Ship Towage Ltd.)
Vessel Type: Steam Tug

Built: 1946 at Alexander Hall & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen.
L 105.2'. B 27.1'. D 11.7'. 233grt. 900ihp. 3cylTE 16"x25"x42"x27"stroke oil fired steam engine by builder, eng. no 414.

Yard No: 709
Official No: 180997
IMO No: 5067534

Acquired: 1946
Sold: 1972

Preserved: at Ramsgate by the Ramsgate Maritime Museum

Other Names
1946-1947 Empire Raymond

Workshop Logs


Engineering Drawings

Stern Bush
Tail Shaft
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