Workforce Details

Ambrose E.Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker?
Ambrose L.Fitter?
Andrews W.Riveter?
Attwood E.Fitter?
Austen A.Storeman?
Barnes E.Turner?
Barnes H.Turner?
Belsey N.Fitter?
Bennett E.Charge Hand?
Blackburn H.Platers Mate?
Bridgland D.Apprentice Fitter?
Brockman R.Fitter?
Bryant S.Labourer?
Bunn E.Labourer?
Bussey H.Labourer?
Butcher R.Turner?
Carter R.Rivet Heater?
Chamberlain F. A.Manager1920-1957
Champs P.Labourer?
Chandler W.Holder Up?
Claxton GeorgeDirector - Foreman1920-1961
Claxton KennethCharge Hand1920-1961
Claxton ReginaldDirector - Foreman1920-1961
Cleveland A.Plater?
Collard Arthur HenryMotor Mechanic????-1939
Cossons A.Boilermaker?
Cox E.Apprentice Fitter?
Curtis F.Apprentice Boilermaker?
Danton C.Labourer?
Darby W.Welders Mate?
Divers N.Fitter?
Doughty H.Turner?
Edwards A.Labourer?
Edwards S.Blacksmith?
Ells E.Labourer?
Emptage E.Blacksmith Striker?
Faulkner A.Lorry Driver?
Flynn B.Apprentice Fitter?
Folkard W.Blacksmith?
Foord S.Clerk?
Fox H.Labourer?
Fraser J.Holder Up?
German F.Boilermaker?
Goldsmith S.Labourer?
Goodbourn Albert HectorApprenticeCirca 1929
Haigh F.Burner?
Hannaford W.Fitter?
Hill J.?Holder Up?
Hooker G.Labourer?
Hurst W.Fitter?
Hynson G.Labourer?
Lambert R.Labourer?
Larkins A.Labourer?
Markwell J.Apprentice Fitter?
Marley J.Labourer?
Miller G.Charge Hand?
Mount T.Labourer?
Oclee F.Electric Welder?
Pink C.Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker?
Pottle E.Electric Welder?
Readman J.Boilermaker?
Ruff Albert (Bert)Chief Engine Fitter1930's-1961
Ruff E.Turner?
Sallows W.Blacksmith?
Seagars Charles EllisApprentice Fitter1930-1936 (circa)
Shields M.Blacksmith Mate?
Smith A.Boilermaker?
Spicer W.Rigger?
Spicer W. G.Apprentice Fitter?
Stimpson Alfred WilliamFitter1925-1937 & 1945-1961 (circa)
Todd A.Labourer?
Tomlinson A.Fitter?
Tomlinson S.Fitter?
Twyman C.Labourer?
Twyman J.Blacksmith Striker?
Watkins John StewartChairman - Director1920-?
Watkins PhilipDirector1920-?
White C.Sheet Metal Worker?
Wilson J.Plumber?
If you would like me add you or a family member to this list please email me with your/their name, position and the time period at Claxton's.
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